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Hi everyone,


One of the most requested features for PokeMMO, mobile support, is coming soon.


We will begin distributing Android builds for a select group of testers over the next few weeks: Any account which has a donation history will have access to the pre-beta builds and will be sent an invitation when they are ready. We hope to have a general public beta available near the end of April / early May.


You'll be keeping your same characters and progress as the Desktop client, and will be able to interact with Desktop players seamlessly. We are targeting a minimum version of Android 5.0, so if you have a decent phone or tablet from the past few years, you should be good to go on release.


That's all for today. Thanks for reading

몇 주동안 기부한적 있는 유저에게 테스트용 버전이 배포됨

4월말 ~ 5월초 공개 베타 버전을 베포 할 예정

당연히 PC와 연동

ios 얘기는 없는걸 보니 안드로이드만 되는듯

모바일 얘기 나온지가 1년전인거 같은데 드디어 나오네요

버들 2018.04.04 15:51  
기술 이펙트도 다 넣고 모바일까지..
재머 2018.04.04 18:00  
오 드디어!
챈이 2018.04.04 18:27  
왜 ios는...
NARIKRI 2018.04.04 21:06  
4세대나 드림이 먼저 나올줄 알았는데 모바일이라니..
hunsss 2018.04.05 12:14